Sushiato Roll

Salmon, tuna, white fish, krab, cream cheese & Masago, fried to perfection, with eel sauce on top (riceless) – 8 pieces.

Ceviche Roll

Fried calamari, shrimp tempura & salmon tempura with avocado, steamed shrimp & ceviche sauce on top.

Jungle Roll

Shrimp tempura, tuna & cream cheese wrapped in soybean paper with avocado, spicy mayo, honey & fried seaweed on top.

Tiger Roll

Salmon, avocado, cream cheese & Tobiko, fried to perfection, with eel sauce on top.

Tuna Deluxe

Crab salad, avocado & asparagus wrapped in tuna with onion dressing on top (riceless).

Guava Roll

Salmon, avocado & cream cheese with crunchy flakes, tuna & guava sauce on top.

Salmon Deluxe

Krab salad, avocado & asparagus wrapped in salmon with onion dressing on top (riceless).

Tamarindo Special

Salmon tempura, tuna & avocado with fried sweet plantain & tamarind sauce on top.

Falcon Roll

Salmon, shrimp tempura & cream cheese with Poseidon Salad (wakame & krab mix), crunchy flakes, spicy mayo & eel sauce on top.

Avila Roll

Salmon, avocado & cream cheese with salmon, avocado, wakame salad & ikura on top.

Moon Roll

Shrimp tempura, krab salad & cream cheese with almonds, walnuts, honey & a special sauce on top.

Knight Roll

Shrimp tempura, crab, asparagus, scallions & spicy mayo with avocado, celery, crunchy flakes & spicy tuna tartar on top.

Adam Roll

Shrimp tempura, crab, avocado & cream cheese wrapped in tuna or salmon with Poseidon salad (wakame & crab mix) & eel sauce on top (riceless).

Weston Roll

Eel, shrimp tempura, cream cheese & scallions with tuna, avocado, wakame salad, masago & spicy mayo on top.

Vegan Roll

Carrots, cucumber, spring mix, avocado, cilantro, scallions, wrapped in soybean paper with yuzu ginger sauce on the side.

Tom Su Special

Your selection of krab, tuna, salmon or steamed shrimp with avocado, cilantro & red onion wrapped in cucumber with ponzu sauce (riceless) – 6 pieces.

Santo Pecado Roll

Avocado, tobiko, cream cheese, crunchy flakes & scallions wrapped in salmon & soybean paper with spicy mayo & eel sauce on top.

Dracula Roll

Tuna, avocado & crunchy flakes wrapped in soybean paper with seared salmon, cilantro microgreens & sea salt on top & Jamaica sauce on the side.

Volcano Reloaded

Fríed calamari and seafood mix with avocado and baked mix of octopus, krab, cream cheese and spicy mayo on top, togarashi and eel sauce.

Maui Roll

Dynamite paste, avocado & masa- go with honey mustard shrimp pops on top.

Rocket Roll

Shredded tuna, cream cheese, shrimp tempura, plantain & avocado with pineapple chutney, flamed salmon & tobiko on top with lemon sweet chili sauce on the side.

Cousin ITT

Shrimp tempura, salmon, tuna, avocado, goat cheese and tobiko wrapped in soybean paper with shredded krab on top and papelón sauce on the side.

Rebellion Roll

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, scallions, tobiko and crispy rice with salmon, lemon slices and fresh spicy lemon sauce on top.

Galaxy Roll

Fried calamari, avocado, scallions, and crunchy flakes over honey with octopus ají Amarillo ceviche, Japanese mayo, sesame seeds, and tobiko on top.


Ginger vinaigrette krab salad wrapped in soybean paper with hamachi, crunchy flakes & lemon-lime zest on top.

Gerstl Roll

Steamed shrimp mix, avocado, cucumber, crunchy rice mix, and wasabi mayo wrapped in salmon with avocado and steamed shrimp on top with ponzu sauce on the side.

Carpe Diem Roll

Sushiato salad, shrimp tempura, avocado & chorizo cream cheese wrapped in soybean paper with octopus, honey & sea salt on top.

Obako Roll

Shrimp tempura, avocado, and cream cheese wrapped in sweet plantain, fried to perfection over honey with Sushiato krab mix, tobiko & sesame seeds on top.

Miami Roll

Salmon tempura, white sh tempura, fried sweet plantain, cream cheese, avocado & tobiko wrapped in soybean paper with mango & truf e aioli salmon tartar on top.

Tinker Bell Roll

Shrimp tempura, salmon tempura, cream cheese, scallions and praline wrapped in soybean paper with avocado, mango, Masago and Tobiko on top and spicy lemon mayo on the side.

Ohana Roll

Spicy tuna, krab chips, avocado, and cream cheese with scallions, tobiko, and sweet chili sauce, fried to perfection (riceless).

Daisuki Roll

Spicy krab salad, avocado, cucumber, fried plantain, cream cheese, crispy rice & scallions, wrapped in salmon, tuna & soybean paper with spicy mayo on top and ponzu sauce on the side.


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