The concept behind Sushiato, the art of sushi; is different from what we know as Sushi restaurants because Sushiato presents Sushi with a “Latin Fusion” exotic and tropical flavors mixed with original Japanese cuisine and recipes.

Their owners came from Venezuela with this idea in mind, Miami received them open arms sharing the dream of this new concept. Miami is a clear example of what a great fusion gives to a city: diverse nationalities, cultures, styles, accents, and flavors that melt to create a new identity at Weston, and now also at Brickell.
In a way, Sushiato is pretty much like the city. The team comes from many different countries: our ancestors are Italian, Chilean, Argentinean, Ecuadorian, Mexican, Americans, Venezuelan… and it is the result of this rich mixture.

In Sushiato we are Latinos and Americans and we love Japanese culinary art… that very special rice, the seafood served over seaweed… really unique. When you blend this with our tropical gens, the result is this very special and delicious mixture we call Latin Fusion. We trust the city will enjoy it just like we have enjoyed this evolution of flavors and cultures.

Sushiato is an expression of art in all of its dimensions and contexts…the art of graciously presenting a dish that is a gift to your sight; the art of making every guest feel welcome since the very first moment. Our decor is a sample of nouveau Latin American artists showing varied styles and trends, and we are very proud of that.





WESTON: 4483 Weston Rd.
1-844-SUSHIATO (7874428) (1)


BRICKELL: 26 SW 8th St.
1-844-SUSHIATO (7874428) (2)


PARKLAND: 7961 N University Dr.
1-844-SUSHIATO (7874428) (3)